Balissande Finishing School is the first traditional finishing school hosted online. It caters to a limited number of women around the world, offering an education that refines mannerisms, deportment, communication, thought-processes, and actions.


    Balissande refines who you are, what you do, and how you do it. Every week, finishing school students engage in activities and perform exercises to keep them interested, learning, and inspired. Virtual styling students gain access to apparel recommendations to create a chic and elegant wardrobe.


    Descendants of politicians; attendees of political, corporate, and art gatherings; hostesses of royalty, politicians, diplomats, presidents and vice-presidents — Balissande is a small team of professionals, the finest in the fields of etiquette, travel, fashion, art, savoir-faire and savoir-vivre.


    At Balissande, finishing school students will gain access to lessons, links to private accounts, reviews, stories, recommendations, downloads, videos, discussion boards, and more - all perfectly suited to learning the art of being a refined and cultivated lady.


Balissande is much more than an etiquette school. It is a school of refinement, teaching the type of savoir-faire and savoir-vivre needed to navigate societies in which knowledge of basic etiquette rules is not enough. Our teachers and consultants teach a style that caters to political, executive, and old money lifestyles. They also curate luxurious but elegant items to refine tastes and thus, lifestyles.


The culture at Balissande is one of elegance, consideration, traditional values, and most importantly, progression. Our goal is to push you to go higher, to dig deeper, to do more, and be more. We believe everything is possible with the right knowledge.


You no longer have to postpone college, quit your job, leave your partner, or send transcripts to attend a finishing school. Our online programs provide you the opportunity to study anywhere, anytime, at your own pace. Our online styling guides provide you quick and easy opportunities to update your wardrobe and refine your public image. We are finishing teachers and luxury curators bringing Balissande Finishing School to you!


  • Is Balissande an etiquette school?

    Although Balissande teaches etiquette, it is NOT an etiquette school. It is a finishing school, a school of refinement. Balissande helps ladies navigate societies in which knowledge of basic etiquette rules is not enough.

  • How are courses and programs taught?

    The courses and programs are taught completely online and in written format. They are not podcasts or video classes. They are written tutorials that you can open and read at anytime and in any place around the world via the internet. For demonstration purposes, a small number of videos and images have been included in each course.

  • Why are courses and programs taught in written format?

    We use the traditional written format over video format to teach our courses because we believe students learn more from written formats. Also, there is so much more information, experiences, and tips we can share in written formats. We could never hope to discuss them all in a video. Most of our courses are very detailed, offering information you will not find anywhere on the internet.

  • Does Balissande send prospective students copies of the curriculum?

    Currently, we do not provide detailed copies of our curriculum to prospective students. To see a curriculum for a desired course or program, you must enroll in the course or program. To see an overview, please click on the course or program you desire and scroll down until you reach the curriculum section.

  • What is the advantage of learning finishing skills online?

    The advantage of learning refinement online with Balissande Finishing School is that you can study it at anytime via the internet, anywhere in the world. You do not have to uproot your home for months at a time. If you work or attend university, you can continue to do so while studying with us, getting the best teaching the internet can provide. You can adapt our courses to fit your schedule, shortening or lengthening it. We provide a very flexible way for you to learn.

  • Are the lessons easy?

    The ease depends on the person. The more knowledge you have on the subject, the easier it will be. Each subject contains many rules and variables. So learning them will not be a one day effort. You will need to schedule time to study and practice every week, just like with any traditional course. Please do not enroll if you do not have a deep interest in refinement or do not have the time to study. Courses and programs at Balissande will require a lot of time and effort from you.

  • Who studies at Balissande Finishing School?

    We have had students from around the world, who come with different purposes. Some come for professional reasons, looking for ways to distinguish themselves from the rest and advance in their career. Some come for marriage reasons, wanting to refine themselves in order to attract wealthy men, to help their partner advance professionally, or to gain acceptance from their partner's social network and family. And some come for personal reasons, looking to advance their knowledge. Whatever your reasons, we welcome you!

  • What currency does Balissande use?

    The currency is: United States Dollar (USD).

  • Can questions be asked?

    Yes. We welcome questions. All you have to do is email us.


“The course was amazing to say the least. I was very happily consumed by the valuable information contained in the course. The topics addressed all the necessities of how to become a confident and elegant lady. Being a wife of a diplomat, I very much value every opportunity I can get to learn how I can present myself better to the world. This course was the best mentor I could get.”

H, wife of a diplomatH, wife of a diplomat

“I have taken etiquette lessons before and studied it on my own. So, I thought I knew all that I needed to know. However, this school made me see how much knowledge I was still missing. I am grateful for the opportunity I have been given to expand my mind and goals.”

Marie, Ph. D.Marie, Ph. D.

“I recommend the ladies at Balissande Finishing School. I finished my bespoke course a few weeks ago and am satisfied at the results. Due to the fact I am male, I didn't get the full service. I was only able to get etiquette lessons. I hope they will hire a man soon so I can also sign up for a deportment course. ”

Henry, M.D.Henry, M.D.