Whether learning the art for yourself or others, gain a solid foundation of finishing skills and knowledge that will change your life forever. Learn how to think, act, and shop like a high-class elegant lady.


    Daughters and friends of finishing school graduates and diplomats – our team of professionals are the finest in the fields of etiquette, travel, fashion, art, and language. We are dedicated to creating ladies who are elegant, sophisticated, and distinguished.


    Gain access to resources including links to private accounts, reviews, recommendations, downloads, videos, discussion boards, and more - all perfectly suited to learning the art of being a lady.


  • In what format are the courses taught?

    The courses are taught in written format with a few videos added for demonstration purposes. They are NOT taught via video presentations.

  • How are the courses taught?

    The courses are taught completely online and in written format. They are not podcasts or video classes. They are written tutorials that you can open and read at anytime and in any place around the world via the internet.

  • Why are our courses taught in written format?

    We use the traditional written format over verbal to teach our courses because we believe students learn more from written formats. But we also believe teachers and fellow students play an important role in a student's education. This is why we also offer students a chance to start discussion threads on any related questions and/or ideas they may have as they move along in the course. These discussions can be answered by both fellow students and teachers, if they so choose. We encourage students to contact us with any questions they want to ask privately. We also provide students exercises to apply what they have learned. This offers students even more opportunities to learn what they are reading and add depth to any discussion thread they choose to take part in or create. There is also so much more information, experiences, and tips we can share in written formats. We could never hope to discuss them all in a video. Most of our courses are very detailed, offering information you will not find anywhere on the internet.

  • Can questions be asked?

    Yes. We welcome questions. You can ask us questions by sending us a message or you can start an open discussion in which other students can participate, if they choose.

  • What is the advantage of learning finishing skills online?

    The advantage of learning ladylike skills online with Balissande Finishing School is that you can study it at anytime via the internet, anywhere in the world. You do not have to uproot your home for months at a time. If you work or attend university, you can continue to do so while studying with us, getting the best teaching the internet can provide. You can adapt our courses to fit your schedule, shortening or lengthening it. We provide a very flexible way for you to learn. The other advantage is online study gives students the ability to talk to students and teachers from around the world. This is very similar to the traditional schools of the past.

  • What is the difference between the courses and what we teach on our website-blog?

    The courses are where we place a lot of time and effort in giving exclusive and extensive instruction. We basically nit-pick in our courses, discussing the little things that most fail to understand and see when it comes to upper-class mannerisms and practices. So, the courses are for those who want more than the basics and for those who are willing to work for it. Again, the courses are extensive, containing both theory and practice sections. They also offer advice and tips gained from years and generations of experience. Our website-blog does not and will not include such teachings.

  • Can our courses really make a difference in your life?

    Yes, they definitely can; and in many ways. Ladies who display good manners and elegant deportment are poised and dignified. They impress immediately, engendering a certain awe, admiration, fascination, and respect in others. These ladies are graceful and confident, knowing the proper behaviour, mannerisms, practices, and dress codes needed for each event. They know what is expected of them, what is the correct thing to do and say, what is the most effective way to present themselves; so, they become calm, dignified and well-poised. This enables them to effortlessly mingle with the most cultured people; thus being welcomed and admired in the highest circles of business and society. So, in our courses, we discuss many things. We cover etiquette rules as well as techniques and practices that you can use to impress and achieve these goals. You will discover ideas that will change your life and the way you see society and wealth.

  • Are the courses easy?

    The ease depends on the person. The more knowledge you have on the subject, the easier it will be. Each subject contains many rules and variables. So learning them will not be a one day effort. You will need to schedule time to study and practice every week, just like with any traditional course.

  • Who studies at Balissande Finishing School?

    We have had students from around the world, who come with different purposes. Some come for professional reasons, looking for ways to distinguish themselves from the rest and advance in their career. Some come for marriage reasons, wanting to refine themselves in order to attract wealthy men, to help their partner advance professionally, and to gain acceptance from their partner's social network and family. And some come for personal reasons, looking to advance their knowledge. Whatever your reasons or gender, we welcome you!


“The school has taught me so much over the last few months. I look at fashion, art, and demeanor in a new way because of them. I recommend this school for women who want to become ladies.”


“I want to let you know how much I appreciate the knowledge and suggestions you ladies include in these courses. I am on the way to becoming a "leading society hostess" because of you.”


“I am learning alot. Your take on the simplest of actions like sitting is insightful. Thank you.”


“I'm eternally grateful how you simplified etiquette and rich people for someone like me. Growing up we were poor. This stuff was not taught. Now I need it more than I've been able to admit to even myself.”