This is a shopping guide for solid black apparel. It features informal and semi-formal apparel in romantic, classic, bohemian, modern, sexy, and city chic styles.

We traversed the internet, visited multiple sites, flipped through hundreds of apparel items, collected what we loved and discarded the rest. We made shopping quick and building an elegant wardrobe, easy... all for you.


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    LBD 2021
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  • What does LBD stand for?

    LBD stands for "Little Black Dress" in the fashion and entertainment industry.

  • Does this guide only recommend black clothing?

    Yes. This guide only recommends apparel made in solid black fabric.

  • Does this guide offer personal assistance or styling tips?

    No. This guide does not include styling rules or tips. This guide also does not offer personal assistance in the form of a personal stylist. However, Balissande is always open to technical questions. Students who desire personal assistance for purposes like wardrobe building, outfit consultation, and image cultivation should contact the school for a bespoke shopping guide.

  • What is the price range of the apparel?

    This is a luxury shopping guide. $$$$

  • Are sizes guaranteed?

    No. Sizes are not guaranteed. This guide is only a curation. It is not a store.

  • What sizes does this guide cover?

    This guide covers sizes 00 to 16. However, the guide has the most options for sizes 2 to 12. If your size is outside this range, please be aware your choices will be limited. Not many luxury brands offer an extensive size range and what is offered is offered in limited quantities.

  • Does this guide offer apparel for different shapes?

    Yes. This guide offers 20+ apparel items in varying shapes and styles.

  • Does this guide include accessories?

    No. This guide does not include accessories (shoes, jewelry, belts, scarves, and so forth).

  • What style of clothing does this guide feature?

    This guide features classic, modern, romantic, bohemian, and city chic clothing styles. It also includes a few statement pieces.