Camisoles. Culottes. Slips. Chemises. Babydolls. Nightgowns. Robe Dresses.

Grandmothers. Mothers. Daughters. Wives. Girlfriends. Single Ladies. Career Women. Housewives. Students. This shopping guide is for anyone who wants to feel more feminine and sexy at home.

We traversed the internet, visited multiple sites, flipped through hundreds of lingerie items, collected what we loved and discarded the rest. We made building a feminine, sexy, sensual, and luxurious indoor wardrobe quick and easy for you.

This is the most extensive lingerie shopping guide online with over 70 items to choose from plus access to multiple luxury brands at your fingertips.


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  • Does this guide include accessories?

    No. This guide does not include accessories. It also does not include bras or panties.

  • Does this guide offer styling tips?

    No. This guide does not include any styling rules or tips.

  • Does this guide offer personal assistance?

    No. This guide does not offer personal assistance in the form of a personal stylist. However, Balissande is always open to technical questions.

  • What is the price range of the items recommended?

    This is a luxury shopping guide. $$$$

  • Are sizes guaranteed?

    No. Sizes are not guaranteed. This guide is only a curation. It is not a store.

  • What style does this guide feature?

    This guide features a variety of styles -- elegant, romantic, sexy, and sophisticated.

  • What items does this guide recommend?

    This guide recommends camisoles, shorts, slips, and dresses. It does not include bras or panties.

  • How many items are in this guide?

    There are 70+ items in the guide.

  • Are men allowed to enroll?

    Yes. Men, looking to purchase lingerie for their partner or themselves, can enroll at any time. We welcome you!